My review of the Garmin Echo 150 Review


I’ve had the Garmin Echo 150 for quite a while now, which is why I decided to write a post about it and the way it has helped me catch more fish. I know this model isn’t the most technically advanced one one might stumble upon while browsing the market for a fish finder these days, what with it being discontinued by the manufacturing brand. However, in spite of its rather limited capabilities, I’m overall satisfied with what it did for me.

The unit features a 4-inch black and white display, which is one of the reasons it’s rather obsolete nowadays, when fish finders seem to be equipped with high-resolution color displays. I have to agree with the fact that the Garmin Echo 150 does require a good deal of expertise and fishing experience, particularly if you’re a beginner and hardly know what to make of the images that are being shown on the screen. I am not sure if the Garmin Echo 150 is still available on some retail websites, but I know that it’s supposed to be affordable given that it doesn’t come with the latest technology developed by the brand.

The neat thing about using this fish finder is that it comes with more than enough power. 200 watts are good for when you plan to fish in deep waters, what with this model being capable of offering readings up to 1,300 feet. It’s true that the Garmin Echo 150 is a single-beam option, but it still does the trick if you’re well-versed in the art of understanding the images displayed.

Another thing that I like about this model is that it comes with a quick release tilt mount as well as a transom-mount transducer. It’s easy to utilize under most circumstances, and the screen is reasonably weather and water-resistant so that it’s able to withstand the wetness that it is likely to suffer from when you’re doing boat fishing. The documentation that comes with the product is fairly straightforward, thus allowing one to learn the basics of using a fish finder, in general, and the Garmin Echo 150, in particular. Back when I bought this model, it was among the top rated options on the market, probably because it cost less than two hundred dollars. These days, I’m looking to upgrade to a more efficient model such as the Deeper Smart as I’ve noticed that it can be used with all sorts of mobile devices and the pictures shown on the screen are somewhat realistic.

In conclusion, the Garmin Echo 150 offers good value for the price, but if your budget isn’t a problem you have to deal with, I now recommend choosing a model capable of more performance. Even so, I’d like to point out that this product is worth every cent.

My new favorite bass rod


As a devotee of bass fishing, I feel the need to try all the tackle items I can get my hands on just to see which ones work better and suit me the best. But every now and then, I like to try versatile gear that can be used for fishing other species as well, and that go for different types of water. I used to fish using only baitcasting rods, but I’ve experienced great catches with spinning rods too, so lately I’ve been combining them, or sometimes even resume to using only a good spinning rod for bass fishing.

I’ve come across the Shimano Stimula spinning rod some time ago and I have to say it has remained my favorite ever since. I purchased this model in two different action and power alternatives, because I wanted to try catching small fish as well. If you take a look at the buyer reviews for this rod you’ll see people tried it on with multiple lures and they were all pretty excited about it. As for myself, I like to use grubs or worms.

Although it is recommended for freshwater fishing, I used the fast-action one on saltwater too, and it is still in very good condition. Of course, I was careful enough to rinse it and wipe it dry after every use.

The fact that it can break into two pieces helped me move very easy through thick vegetation when I went pond fishing in the countryside, and the hook keeper managed to keep my hooks out of clothes and branches.

What I love about it is the P-cork handle that gives a really nice, smooth and enduring grip the cork is custom shaped, so it’ll fit anyone’s hand anatomy.Also, the EVA butt cap feels really protective when pressed against my body while I’m fighting the bass.


The blank is made out of graphite composite that gives it enough flexibility and toughness as well. If you’ve been fishing for a while, you know that weight is not just a factor of comfort, but also it tells you when and where you can use the rod. I must confess this model gave me quite a surprise. It is very lightweight but gave a good performance for heavy fish.

The line is held by 5 aluminum oxide guides and another one on the tip that give good stability and distribute the pressure all along the length of the blank. This composition responded very well to friction, with very little heating so my line was in perfect condition even after several hours of casting and pulling.

Some might think that for such a low price, it has to have some downsides or that maybe the materials are not likely to endure, but like I said, it managed to surprise me in many aspects, and I have to put my faith in such a well-known and respected brand. I think you can easily try it for your first fishing attempts, although you may not want to switch too soon.

Sump pumps – Wayne or Zoeller

Some of the most critically acclaimed manufacturers of sump pumps include Wayne, Zoeller, Superior Pump, and Flotec. Based on the info that we have gathered over time, it seems that customers these days have two options. They either choose a unit manufactured by Wayne or one constructed by Zoeller. Even though it is difficult to say which one of these two companies takes the cake when it comes to developing water management systems that are reliable, convenient, and affordable enough to be within reach for every American, we’ve tried our best at separating the two.

If you were to go online and seek the best sump pump for the money, you might have a high chance of coming across the websites owned by the previously mentioned brands. Wayne has a somewhat comprehensive websites that allows prospective buyers to utilize a solution center and thus realize which product they may be in the need of. Whether you’re looking for sewage, lawn, well, utility, or pool pumps, you have a high chance of picking just the right one by simply selecting details regarding your basement organization as well as the dimension of your sump pit. Besides, Wayne also allows owners to register their products so that they can take advantage of the warranties and refund policies offered by the company. Some of the accessories that are sold by Wayne include repair kits, tubing assemblies, discharge hoses, as well as discharge covers. Is buying a sump pump from Wayne worth it in the long run? The short answer is yes. We’ve gone through many user reviews and have come to the conclusion that Wayne is one of the top recommended brands that currently build sump pumps. The products sold by Wayne offer outstanding value for the price, and the neat thing about them is that they will not have you breaking any bank.

On the other hand, the pumps constructed by Zoeller are all-American. While they may have been built using foreign components, the fact of the matter is that the end result has been the product of a design and development process initiated in the United States. What does this mean for the end user? In a nutshell, he or she is likely to receive and enjoy all the benefits of an American unit. The Zoeller headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky, where all the magic happens. In spite of the fact that some of Zoeller’s products are significantly less affordable when compared to the ones offered by Wayne, they’re so reliable and durable that they’ve even ended up being used by official institutions such as the National Library of Korea. This Korean public place uses a sewage system that was designed by the engineers at Zoeller. Obviously, the brand has won multiple awards over time.

In the end, you have to ask yourself whether you plan to get the most value for the price. If you’re looking for an easy to install alternative that gets the job done in a timely fashion, perhaps you would like to consider Wayne. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to invest in the safety of your basement and the one of your family, maybe you’d want to check out the specs of Zoeller sump pumps.

American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank NOAA AM/FM Weather Alert Radio


If you’re unable to decide on which weather alert radio to buy, the American Red Cross FRX3 is one of the greatest options available for sale right now. For more options you can also check this page.  This is a product that harmoniously combines efficacy, good-quality materials and a decent price offer, which is all I ask from a weather radio. It includes Am/Fm and Weather Radio bands, all three of which function perfectly.

You can easily recognize it as it comes with a practical, easy-to-use design. In the upper part it is fitted with a strong grip, for you to be able to carry it with ease, while the tuning controls are placed one on the left of the product and one on the right side, both quite large and easy to use.

This weather alert radio is a portable device that includes several recharging options, some of them to be used when electric power sources are unavailable. Firstly, you have the hand-crank generator, with the crank positioned in the central part of the radio. This is an easily maneuvered and strongly built crank that will provide you with 10-15 minutes of radio functioning after 1 minute of cranking and 30 seconds phone battery life to make a phone call. Secondly, the product functions on 3 AAA batteries or using the internal NiMH battery with which the radio is equipped (the 3 AAA batteries you must purchase) and that can be charged through the AC/DC adaptor or via the USB connected to a computer. Thirdly, this radio is endowed with a solar panel. You just leave it in the sun and it works perfectly using solely solar power. You can also recharge your phone using the USB port.

The device includes a LED flashlight that can produce decent light to see ahead of you at night. Moreover, the radio is fitted with a glow-in-the-dark locator, positioned around the solar panel, for you to be able to find it in the dark.

Extra functions include a headphone jack, AUX-input to play music from an MP3 player and an alarm clock. The backlit small display shows the time and the battery level. Even if providing many useful features, this item comes with an easy-to-use MENU, that will make it accessible even to first time operators.

Helen of Troy foot spa review


I have to admit, it is easy to let yourself be fooled by how great this spa machine looks when you first see it. It has a refreshing design due to the combination of white and blue that makes you look at it and think: “This really looks like a great foot spa!”. The wonderful thing about the product is that it doesn’t just look great, but it also delivers what the manufacturers list in its technical details, which is not an extraordinary range of features, but all of them are perfectly functional.

The reason for which I decided to buy it was that I love taking care of my toenails. Thus, when I’ve read in the product’s description that it had pedicure attachments included, besides the basic massage features, I was 100% convinced that it had to be mine. So, what can this little spa instrument do for you? Firstly, it includes two massage nodes at the bottom, they’re quite visible when you take a look at the product. These are not motorized, you just rub your feet against them and they action trigger points on your sole that are connected to your entire body. The rolling movement refreshes your feet and energizes them by stimulating blood circulation in the area. I wouldn’t say they are great, but they can definitely make you feel more relaxed. This function, accompanied by the bubble massage and the vibration feature can offer your sore and tired feet a pleasant experience.


Regarding the pedicure feature, on the surface separating the basin in two areas, each one for one of your feet, there is a space designed to keep one of the three interchangeable attachments: a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet; an acupressure device to stimulate blood circulation when you get sore feet and acunodes that offer a refreshing sensation – or at least that is what the brochure states, I don’t use the last that often. Anyhow, these three, accompanied by your personal pedicure set will make a great job at improving the aspect of your toenails and feet in general. Next to the pedicure attachment, there’s a small aromatherapy space for you to be able to add essential oils to your bath.

If it takes you a long time to finish your pedicure, the foot spa includes a heating function that will keep water warm while you enjoy your bath ( click here to read more about how you can choose the best foot spa). A minus of the product is that it doesn’t include a temperature setting, so, if you leave the water to heat for too long it gets too hot. I prefer it hot, but some people may prefer lukewarm water. However, if it heats up too much you can get burnt, so take care with the heating function. It keeps water warm for about 10 to 15 minutes, if you turn the heating function off.

When you’re finished with your pedicure, you can drain the water easily using the front hole of the basin. As it has small dimensions, it won’t be difficult to empty. All in all, for its price, this is a fairly satisfying product and it is built with strong quality plastic, which means you won’t need a new one for a long period of time.


How to travel with friends in an inexpensive manner

There is nothing quite like setting out on a road trip or outdoor adventure with your closest friends. It is a great way to see the country and build memories that will last a lifetime. The only downside is that these road trips can be expensive, especially when you start adding in gas, food and lodging. While food and fuel costs are a given, you and your friends can avoid expensive camping and hotel fees simply by investing in a truck tent. Not only does a truck tent cost significantly less than staying in a hotel, it also gives you the freedom to set up camp almost anywhere your vehicle can drive.

You’ve already ensured that there is plenty of room in your SUV for your friends to ride comfortably, even with all of the gear you are probably carrying. So it only makes sense that if you choose to sleep outdoors that you will want to make sure everyone has enough room to stretch out and even move around. This is why a truck tent, like the SportZ 84000 might be exactly what you need so you and your friends can have a camping trip that is memorable for all the right reasons.

These SUV and truck tents are the perfect solution for budget conscious travelers that want to see the country at a minimal cost. The 84000 from SportZ is large enough to comfortably fit 5 to 6 of your closest friends, and with 7 feet of headroom even the tallest adult in the group can still stand up and move around. Adding to the advantage of the tent is how easy it is to set up and take down. It only requires one or two people to erect it in minutes so you can get back to enjoying some quality time with your friends. It is also simple to tear down, and it folds down to convenient size so it will easily fit in the back of your SUV with the rest of your gear.

If you and your friends have been talking about taking a road trip, before you start traveling you really should consider purchasing a truck tent. Not only will it help cut down on expenses, it can also help bring your group of friends even closer together.


How much you should pay for an electric broom

Electric brooms have been helpful in cleaning our homes. They are convenient enough when it comes to lesser cleaning time, and they are easy to use too. Having an electric broom in the household is a must. Though electric brooms are less powerful compared to vacuum cleaners, they can clean areas where corded vacuum cleaners could not reach.

Latest electric brooms have sufficient suction capability to successfully pick debris, mess and other dirt in your household. But does the cost of an electric broom is too much that you would rather use the traditional broomsticks?

Just like in any other products, the prices of an electric broom sweeper also differ from one brand to another. How much should you really pay for an electric broom? It depends on the kind of broom that you want to have. There are electric brooms which cost as less as $30 while there are those that cost more than $150. The prices differ greatly because of the brand’s quality as well as the durability of the materials being used in manufacturing  electric brooms.

The more durable materials and respected  brands ensure that your broom will definitely last for a longer time. Since the market has a strong competition among many manufacturers, you might find it hard to choose the best electric broomstick in town that is worth the price. Below is the list of electric brooms – one expensive while the other is not – that might suit your liking and is worth every penny you pay.


  1. Hoover Linx BH50010 – Hoover is a respected brand and their BH50010 electric broom cost as much as $199.99. But it definitely is worth the price knowing that it has a high suction power which is one of greatest in the market. People who have purchased this broom provided testimony that it is indeed worth the money. If $199.99 is too much for you, you can go and look for sales. This one is currently being sold at Amazon for only $119.99 which allows you to save 40% of the total price.


  1. BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A – If you are looking for an electric broomstick with a lesser price but will not compromise the quality, you can check out this product from BISSELL. This is also a must-have for people who have pets since it cleans up your cats and dogs. It works pretty well on carpet fibers, string remnants and fuzzies on scratching post, and any pet lovers can have this for only $49.99.

The best holiday routes in the US that you can travel with an RV

Getting the most of your holiday can be done thanks to a little planning. Be sure to put together a route right before going on the road and check whether your GPS is up for the trip. Pack everything you need, including your friends and family, and say “Hello!” to your motorhome adventure. Given that there are so many optional routes one may consider when creating one’s itinerary, we’ve decided to compile the best ones in the United States today, so that everyone chooses the suggestion they’ve been wanting to get. Just remember, the route you choose has to depend on what you’re planning to visit and the state you’re leaving from.

Alaska seems to be one of the preferred options if you don’t mind a little cold. You have a high chance of liking its remote wilderness, with places such as The Denali National Park and Mount McKinley. The West doesn’t do all that bad when it comes to attraction, what with its Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion Parks as well as the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Many people like leaving from Las Vegas to Phoenix all through Santa Fe and Mesa Verde National Park. How about if you’re a fan of the District of Virginia? No problem. Provided that you leave from Seattle or Vancouver, you can have your pick at the treasures of the Rocky Mountains and experience everything that the region has to offer you.

A loop that’s most popular among RV drivers and campers seems to be a big loop from Seattle to San Francisco. This route is highly recommended during the summer but you need the best RV GPS with backup camera to avoid issues; also avoid the complications of nasty weather that might put you off in terms of joyfulness. If you’re traveling to Washington and Oregon, you’re likely to appreciate all the gems you’ll come across, two of which are the Yellowstone National Park as well as the Glacier National Park. The loop we were mentioning earlier on is usually preferred during the hot season because you’ll have more than 3,500 miles to drive for and thus require some more spare time to be able to also lay back and relax on the road. Another rather long route is the one going from Florida to Memphis or Nashville, where people have the opportunity to see incredible music centers where legends like Elvis and  B.B. King made their hit.

If you’re not a fan of very long drives, perhaps you’d like the Florida sun and travel through Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers. The total driving distance from this route is estimated at around 920 miles.

Importance of a drill press

The most common task a woodworker performs, aside from cutting pieces of wood is drilling holes on them. Woodworkers have few options when it comes to the tools that they can use in drilling holes. A hand drill is a very popular choice because of its effectiveness and it also require little space for storage. But hand drills also have limitations when it comes to accuracy and ease of use. Another practical option in drilling holes into wood is a drill press. Drill press requires more space compared to hand drills, but it helps woodworkers in achieving greater accuracy and also contributes to making drilling easy.

Every woodworker should have a drill press because of the accuracy and the easiness it gives. Interested buyers of drill press should be familiar with a few key points to purchase successfully a drill press that suits their needs.

A drill press is an important tool for every woodworker. Understanding the benefits of drill press helps the woodworkers to realize its importance. Being familiar with its benefits will help you decide the right drill press for you. Every woodworker should have a drill press because it will improve the quality of craftsmanship and will make your work with wood easier.



There Are Too Many Speed Traps on the Roads These Days

I honestly think that there is a raging war out there against us, car drivers. We all know speeding is bad and that you should watch your speed when you are in an area where an accident could easily happen. However, this does not justify the increasing presence of speed traps on the roads these days. No matter where you go or where you look, if you go over the legal speed limit by a small fraction, you can get caught by the police or on camera and subsequently get a fine for it. This is why I bought a good police radar detector for my car.


The problem with speed traps is that they are not as well intended as the law enforcers claim. For instance, if you are in an area where the speed limit is 50mph and after a short while, it is changed to 30mph, you may easily break the law, without actually speeding up. You can get fined for simply maintaining the same speed throughout your trip. Unless you are really really careful, you can get caught and suffer the consequences, without doing something intentionally. I think that is why they are called speed traps, since their only purpose is to catch you off guard.

A nasty aspect of speed cameras is that these are often installed by private companies that operate in relation to the state. Their paycheck depends on how many infringements they register, so you can easily imagine that they are highly motivated to put these cameras in areas where they know it is really easy to catch drivers going over the speed limit, whether they want it or not.


As I have read some information on the impact of these speed traps on the number of accidents in the respective areas, I stumbled upon some controversial data. For instance, a 2007 study carried on the speed cameras located in Arizona (where I think there are more speed traps than in many other states) shows that while the number of crashed went down, the number of rear end collision increased. So, these speed traps are not as bulletproof as those operating them want us to believe.


The states also seem to be quite motivated to increase the use of speed traps over the next years, since they can get their hands on some pretty nice money generated by the fines applied to drivers. And we are not talking here about reckless drivers who are a threat to others’ lives and property, but about law abiding drivers who happen to go over the speed limit only by very little and quite rarely. A solution would be to have a radar detector installed on your vehicle so you can learn ahead of time that there is a speed trap just waiting for you to walk right into it..

Traditional quesadilla recipe


A Cinco de Mayo party will only be complete when you serve authentic Mexican food such as quesadillas, which make the perfect appetizer and entree. Since I bought a fantastic quesadilla maker from this equally fantastic site, I have been able to enjoy quesadillas when I want to without the need to go to a taqueria where taco and quesadillas are on the menu. Now, I can always have quesadillas when I want to. I am constantly on the lookout for traditional quesadilla recipes. My patient searching led me to this fantastic traditional Mexican recipe that I would really like to try out.

It’s a steak quesadilla recipe that is cooked differently from what taquerias use. Most taquerias that serve steak quesadillas grill the steak with large onion slices prior to chopping both ingredients finely. On the other hand, this recipe instructs you to chop the steak and onions first so it can be more convenient and much faster to make at home. This recipe is perfect not just for Cinco de Mayo parties but also for dinner enjoyment when you want to eat something different and there’s not much time on your hands to cook. It makes a great option also that you can prepare a day ahead to offer as an appetizer that you simply reheat during the party. It is a great way to use leftover grilled meat.

The recipe calls for: finely chopped white onions; some sirloin, fajita or rib eye steak, finely diced; some spray on fat or oil for the quesadilla maker; salt and pepper for seasoning of the meat; flour tortillas; some Oaxaca cheese. You can add some garnishes that may include any of the following: pico de gallo salsa; guacamole or avocado slices; Cacique Mexican Cream; lime slices.

Heat a skillet over medium heat, add some vegetable oil and when the oil is hot, put in the chopped onion and saute for around two minutes. Season the chopped meat with salt and pepper and add that to the skillet, cooking until browned for around six minutes. Set aside.

Simply heat the quesadilla maker and once heated, apply some spray-on fat to the cooking surface. Place a tortilla on the cooking surface, put some of the cooked meat and top with the cheese, making sure the cheese is separated into strings. Top with another tortilla and close the quesadilla maker, pressing gently to seal. Wait till the quesadilla is cooked nicely and golden brown, about 4 to 8 minutes average. If you don’t know how to choose a quesadilla maker, I recommend this website.

Yogurt – a healthy treat for kids


Even kids nowadays suffer from obesity, and this makes yogurt perfect to promote healthy living in children. Tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, yogurt is filling enough to give kids a fuller feeling. Even moms know that managing the waistline is easier with fat-free yogurt. Yogurt is health food that is never kid-repellent, as it is an ice-cream-like, creamy food that can tempt young taste buds.

It may be easy to make kids drink their milk, but doing so can become quite difficult as they grow older. With yogurt, you have another form of food that is beneficial calcium-wise. Kids can enjoy a tremendous calcium boost during the day with just an 8-ounce cup of plain, low fat yogurt, which boasts about 400 mg of calcium. An 8-ounce glass of milk only contains 100 mg calcium, so you can see how yogurt offers an easy-to-digest dairy product that kids can enjoy fully.

To ensure that your kids get all the calcium they need without you having to shell out plenty of grocery money just to purchase commercial yogurt brands, we suggest getting your own yogurt maker. There are plenty on the market, but if your family loves yogurt, you had better go for the large-serving types that churn out tubs of yogurt instead of those that produce single servings that can be prepared one batch at a time.

That way, you can prepare your family’s weekly supply ahead of time, just tweaking the chilled or frozen yogurt to accommodate the kids’ different flavor preferences.After all, yogurt is versatile enough and can be used in homemade fruit pops, as salad dressing and topped with cereal, different fruits and nuts. You can glamorize the yogurt you make so your kids can enjoy eating it more. Your children will love the Greek variety of yogurt for its extra creaminess.

Rich with probiotics, yogurt promotes healthy digestion. Tell your kids about the healthy bacteria called probiotics that ensure a balanced intestinal flora, which can be a big help considering how our children get exposed to all kinds of food toxins when they are out of the house. We can’t control what our children eat when they’re in school or with friends, but if we encourage healthy eating at home, they can pick up the habit and learn to make healthy eating choices.

Yogurt is also high in protein, with an 8-ounce serving containing as much protein as an egg. Yogurt is grow food, as protein builds muscles. Protein also boosts energy, so our kids don’t have to rely on too much meat to get it. Yogurt is great for weight maintenance, since it makes kids feel fuller or less hungry. Eating yogurt regularly helps kids eat less of unhealthy food, weigh less and thus feel better. It can increase the bioavailability of nutrients so children can eat healthier. Also, read reputable yogurt maker reviews if you want to buy a top model.