Helen of Troy foot spa review


I have to admit, it is easy to let yourself be fooled by how great this spa machine looks when you first see it. It has a refreshing design due to the combination of white and blue that makes you look at it and think: “This really looks like a great foot spa!”. The wonderful thing about the product is that it doesn’t just look great, but it also delivers what the manufacturers list in its technical details, which is not an extraordinary range of features, but all of them are perfectly functional.

The reason for which I decided to buy it was that I love taking care of my toenails. Thus, when I’ve read in the product’s description that it had pedicure attachments included, besides the basic massage features, I was 100% convinced that it had to be mine. So, what can this little spa instrument do for you? Firstly, it includes two massage nodes at the bottom, they’re quite visible when you take a look at the product. These are not motorized, you just rub your feet against them and they action trigger points on your sole that are connected to your entire body. The rolling movement refreshes your feet and energizes them by stimulating blood circulation in the area. I wouldn’t say they are great, but they can definitely make you feel more relaxed. This function, accompanied by the bubble massage and the vibration feature can offer your sore and tired feet a pleasant experience.


Regarding the pedicure feature, on the surface separating the basin in two areas, each one for one of your feet, there is a space designed to keep one of the three interchangeable attachments: a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet; an acupressure device to stimulate blood circulation when you get sore feet and acunodes that offer a refreshing sensation – or at least that is what the brochure states, I don’t use the last that often. Anyhow, these three, accompanied by your personal pedicure set will make a great job at improving the aspect of your toenails and feet in general. Next to the pedicure attachment, there’s a small aromatherapy space for you to be able to add essential oils to your bath.

If it takes you a long time to finish your pedicure, the foot spa includes a heating function that will keep water warm while you enjoy your bath ( click here to read more about how you can choose the best foot spa). A minus of the product is that it doesn’t include a temperature setting, so, if you leave the water to heat for too long it gets too hot. I prefer it hot, but some people may prefer lukewarm water. However, if it heats up too much you can get burnt, so take care with the heating function. It keeps water warm for about 10 to 15 minutes, if you turn the heating function off.

When you’re finished with your pedicure, you can drain the water easily using the front hole of the basin. As it has small dimensions, it won’t be difficult to empty. All in all, for its price, this is a fairly satisfying product and it is built with strong quality plastic, which means you won’t need a new one for a long period of time.