How much you should pay for an electric broom

Electric brooms have been helpful in cleaning our homes. They are convenient enough when it comes to lesser cleaning time, and they are easy to use too. Having an electric broom in the household is a must. Though electric brooms are less powerful compared to vacuum cleaners, they can clean areas where corded vacuum cleaners could not reach.

Latest electric brooms have sufficient suction capability to successfully pick debris, mess and other dirt in your household. But does the cost of an electric broom is too much that you would rather use the traditional broomsticks?

Just like in any other products, the prices of an electric broom sweeper also differ from one brand to another. How much should you really pay for an electric broom? It depends on the kind of broom that you want to have. There are electric brooms which cost as less as $30 while there are those that cost more than $150. The prices differ greatly because of the brand’s quality as well as the durability of the materials being used in manufacturing  electric brooms.

The more durable materials and respected  brands ensure that your broom will definitely last for a longer time. Since the market has a strong competition among many manufacturers, you might find it hard to choose the best electric broomstick in town that is worth the price. Below is the list of electric brooms – one expensive while the other is not – that might suit your liking and is worth every penny you pay.


  1. Hoover Linx BH50010 – Hoover is a respected brand and their BH50010 electric broom cost as much as $199.99. But it definitely is worth the price knowing that it has a high suction power which is one of greatest in the market. People who have purchased this broom provided testimony that it is indeed worth the money. If $199.99 is too much for you, you can go and look for sales. This one is currently being sold at Amazon for only $119.99 which allows you to save 40% of the total price.


  1. BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A – If you are looking for an electric broomstick with a lesser price but will not compromise the quality, you can check out this product from BISSELL. This is also a must-have for people who have pets since it cleans up your cats and dogs. It works pretty well on carpet fibers, string remnants and fuzzies on scratching post, and any pet lovers can have this for only $49.99.