My new favorite bass rod


As a devotee of bass fishing, I feel the need to try all the tackle items I can get my hands on just to see which ones work better and suit me the best. But every now and then, I like to try versatile gear that can be used for fishing other species as well, and that go for different types of water. I used to fish using only baitcasting rods, but I’ve experienced great catches with spinning rods too, so lately I’ve been combining them, or sometimes even resume to using only a good spinning rod for bass fishing.

I’ve come across the Shimano Stimula spinning rod some time ago and I have to say it has remained my favorite ever since. I purchased this model in two different action and power alternatives, because I wanted to try catching small fish as well. If you take a look at the buyer reviews for this rod you’ll see people tried it on with multiple lures and they were all pretty excited about it. As for myself, I like to use grubs or worms.

Although it is recommended for freshwater fishing, I used the fast-action one on saltwater too, and it is still in very good condition. Of course, I was careful enough to rinse it and wipe it dry after every use.

The fact that it can break into two pieces helped me move very easy through thick vegetation when I went pond fishing in the countryside, and the hook keeper managed to keep my hooks out of clothes and branches.

What I love about it is the P-cork handle that gives a really nice, smooth and enduring grip the cork is custom shaped, so it’ll fit anyone’s hand anatomy.Also, the EVA butt cap feels really protective when pressed against my body while I’m fighting the bass.


The blank is made out of graphite composite that gives it enough flexibility and toughness as well. If you’ve been fishing for a while, you know that weight is not just a factor of comfort, but also it tells you when and where you can use the rod. I must confess this model gave me quite a surprise. It is very lightweight but gave a good performance for heavy fish.

The line is held by 5 aluminum oxide guides and another one on the tip that give good stability and distribute the pressure all along the length of the blank. This composition responded very well to friction, with very little heating so my line was in perfect condition even after several hours of casting and pulling.

Some might think that for such a low price, it has to have some downsides or that maybe the materials are not likely to endure, but like I said, it managed to surprise me in many aspects, and I have to put my faith in such a well-known and respected brand. I think you can easily try it for your first fishing attempts, although you may not want to switch too soon.