Yogurt – a healthy treat for kids


Even kids nowadays suffer from obesity, and this makes yogurt perfect to promote healthy living in children. Tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, yogurt is filling enough to give kids a fuller feeling. Even moms know that managing the waistline is easier with fat-free yogurt. Yogurt is health food that is never kid-repellent, as it is an ice-cream-like, creamy food that can tempt young taste buds.

It may be easy to make kids drink their milk, but doing so can become quite difficult as they grow older. With yogurt, you have another form of food that is beneficial calcium-wise. Kids can enjoy a tremendous calcium boost during the day with just an 8-ounce cup of plain, low fat yogurt, which boasts about 400 mg of calcium. An 8-ounce glass of milk only contains 100 mg calcium, so you can see how yogurt offers an easy-to-digest dairy product that kids can enjoy fully.

To ensure that your kids get all the calcium they need without you having to shell out plenty of grocery money just to purchase commercial yogurt brands, we suggest getting your own yogurt maker. There are plenty on the market, but if your family loves yogurt, you had better go for the large-serving types that churn out tubs of yogurt instead of those that produce single servings that can be prepared one batch at a time.

That way, you can prepare your family’s weekly supply ahead of time, just tweaking the chilled or frozen yogurt to accommodate the kids’ different flavor preferences.After all, yogurt is versatile enough and can be used in homemade fruit pops, as salad dressing and topped with cereal, different fruits and nuts. You can glamorize the yogurt you make so your kids can enjoy eating it more. Your children will love the Greek variety of yogurt for its extra creaminess.

Rich with probiotics, yogurt promotes healthy digestion. Tell your kids about the healthy bacteria called probiotics that ensure a balanced intestinal flora, which can be a big help considering how our children get exposed to all kinds of food toxins when they are out of the house. We can’t control what our children eat when they’re in school or with friends, but if we encourage healthy eating at home, they can pick up the habit and learn to make healthy eating choices.

Yogurt is also high in protein, with an 8-ounce serving containing as much protein as an egg. Yogurt is grow food, as protein builds muscles. Protein also boosts energy, so our kids don’t have to rely on too much meat to get it. Yogurt is great for weight maintenance, since it makes kids feel fuller or less hungry. Eating yogurt regularly helps kids eat less of unhealthy food, weigh less and thus feel better. It can increase the bioavailability of nutrients so children can eat healthier. Also, read reputable yogurt maker reviews if you want to buy a top model.